Places of interest locally.


 Warwick Castle & Kenilworth Castle

See medieval England in these wonderful examples of Middle Ages British Castle building.
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The Black Country living Museum.


See how people lived 100 years ago !!.
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RAF Museum

Avro Lancaster. 

This aircraft (powered by 4 Rolls-Royce 'Merlin' engines) carried the Barnes Wallis 'bouncing bomb', which destroyed the Mohne,Eder, and Sorpe dams in Germany in WW ll . The squadron was 617 squadron, led by Wing Commander Guy Gibson. 


De Haviland Mosquito.  

Used by 633 Squadron RAF, to create a landslide in a Norwegian fiord, which destroyed an axis armaments factory, except that neither 633 Squadron NOR the  raid ever existed, but were invented solely by the film makers to produce the film '633 Squadron'.                                                              

 These, and many more WWII aircraft can be seen at:

(it even has the world's first Moon Buggy)


Cadbury World

Like chocolate?  try this site, but it's guaranteed to increase your waist line !!!

The Infamous Severn Valley Railway

Historical railway between Kidderminster & Bridgnorth.