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58 High St,
Bilston, Wolverhampton,

West Midlands,
United Kingdom.
WV14 0EP
Phone: 01902 493723.

By Car

From   the South...leave M6 at J10

Take the first exit from the island ..'Black Country Route'. The sign is not easy to spot, so if you miss it, go round the island again.

The speed limit on this road is 50mph,and the local constabulary have speed cameras and laser guns at times, which they just LOVE to play with, so be careful.

Traverse the 'Black Country Route' to the 4th island (about 3-4 miles)

There is a fire station on the left, adjacent to the 4th island, and the island itself has a sculpture resembling an archway .

 In between islands 3 and 4 on your left, you will see Morrison's Superstore.

At island 4, take the 3rd exit to the next island..(100 yards) this island has 3 horrible square steel structures on it (it's supposed to represent the factory chimneys of the Black Country) .

The sculptor may have been very good, but sure wasn't an engineer !!  'Square' chimneys?   I ask you.....more like a load of old scrap iron to me....

Take the 3rd exit from the 'Chimney' island which brings you into Bilston High St.

We are about 150 yards into the High St, on the right, next door to the Post Office.

Keep going past the Trumpet and up the high street, over a little island painted in the road and follow the road round to the right. At the "T" Junction you will see the car park in front of you.

From the North:  Leave M6 at J10

Take the 3rd exit from the island onto the Black Country Route, and proceed as above.

(The second exit takes you back on to the M6 southbound)

There is a large Municipal car park to the rear of the pub, which is monitored by the pub's own CCTV cameras, and the pub is easily accessible from the Bilston Metro Station via a short 3 minute walk across the car park.

By Public Transport

Bilston is well served by buses and trams, including during the evening.
It even has its own Bus and Metro (i.e. tram) stations. Only the No. 79
bus (Birmingham to & from Wolverhampton) does not go into the bus
station, but it runs nearby. Full details from:

Buses run along various routes to Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall,
Wednesfield, Wednesbury, Willenhall, Coseley, Dudley, Sedgley, etc.

Trams stop at Bilston Central on their way between Wolverhampton and
Last tram to Birmingham 2337, Sat 0007, Sun 2307; to Wolverhampton 2358,
Sat 0028, Sun 2328.

From Bilston Bus and Metro stations, the Trumpet is a short walk along
the mostly pedestrianised main street, on the left hand side.